The First Family of Flashing


Herb Orth (3rd from left)

1st Generation


Bob Patterson

2nd Generation


Thomas Spink

3rd Generation


Michael Spink, Current Owner and President

4th Generation


Andy Bench, Vice President

4th Generation


Claudia Spink, Information Technology

5th Generation

A Passed Down Passion

In 1937, Herb Orth had a vision for the flashing industry. With a small crew, he started Keystone Flashing Company right in the middle of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He envisioned his company putting the quality of their products and customer service above all else in order to give their customers the best possible experience. Over 80 years and 5 generations later, this effort is still the standard Keystone holds its products to. The family aspect of Keystone is evident when you call us and are answered by a stakeholder. We put our personal touch in each order and guarantee satisfaction with our service and standards. Get to know us and learn more about our vision! We would love to hear from you and welcome you to our family business.